Thursday, May 31, 2012

X-Training, soreness, consistency...

Yup. I was right. So sore after X-Training...

On Tuesday, I went out to Arcadia High School after work to meet with Coach Kiley and Coach Pete to do a little Cross Training. These exercise sessions help with muscle strengthening and toning. Very important since we will soon  be running a lot more, we need our muscles to be ready for this. 

The group that showed up was about 25. I like these smaller scale settings because there is more opportunity to meet folks. I'm still getting to know peoples names but I really need to stop being so shy get out there and make new friends! Running buddies! 

We did about 12 different exercises that consisted of leg, ab, core, and more leg workouts. Knee raises, side leg lifts, bridging, planking, and the lunges. Oh how the lunges killed me! I think Coach Pete felt a little bad because he let me turn around a little earlier than we had to. Here is a quick video of us doing the lunges on the field. That's me, 4th from the end,  half-Tebow-ing. Hehe.

We finished up and ended at about 8pm. But not before they told us that next week we will be doing TWO SETS of the exercises. Oh man... I could barely do ONE! We'll see how next week goes. Not loosing faith! 

It is Thursday now and I am still sore from Tuesday's work out! To be fair, I did go do another set of Easy 30 yesterday. I knew I would  be sore, but I wanted to keep my training days consistent.

I did my usual treadmill warm up and went upstairs for my 30min run. I wasn't able to go the 1mi without stopping because  I was pretty sore. So I was alternating with jogging 3 laps and walking 2. This worked out nicely because I was able to push myself a bit during those 3 laps because I knew I was going to be walking in a few. I felt good. I still managed to do 2.2mi in the 30min - the same as Monday. I took it as a good sign. 

I am able to be consistent with my work days and my actual workout times/distance. Not pushing my body too hard too fast. I have a long ways to go and on a good pace right now. Aaaaaaand I'm actually having funSo far I've worked out 4 times in a week! I've never, ever done that. I'm sore, but I feel great! 

Next up: Saturday, 7:30am Call time at the Rose Bowl for a 45min jog with our pace groups. We will also have a Shoe and Gear clinic. I may just walk away with some nice swag. :) 

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