Monday, May 28, 2012

Easy 30 - 2.2 miles...

Today,  I went to the gym to complete my “Easy 30”. Essentially 30min of easy paced jogging. They  mentioned my pace should be at one that I could hold a conversation with someone without my words trailing off and losing  my breath. Well I was running alone, but I tried to sing myself a song. That didn't really work. I just went pretty slow but enough to get a good work out in.

At first I thought to myself, “how am I supposed to run 30min?! I’ve only ever ran for about 15!” Then I remember that I had JUST gone for 42min when I did my 5K this past Saturday. So I told myself to (wo)man up, and hit it! Well I did, and it wasn’t too bad!

I started with a 15min warm up walking on the treadmill and did about 3/4ths of a mile. I went upstairs and started jogging around the track. Laps came and went and before I could think of it, I had jogged a mile nonstop. Yay me! my endurance was building! I finished that mile with a 12:34 time. Was a bit disappointed because just the week before I had finished with 11:39. But I realized that it wasn’t about how fast I finished that first mile, but about how my pacing was. I need to work on distance. The speed will come naturally as I keep practicing and my body keeps building endurance. Soon, you will all be calling me Speedy González. :)

I didn’t want to keep an eye on my watch too much because I wanted to just focus on going and going. I would jog 2-3 laps and walk 1. That seemed like a nice doable pace for me. At the end of 30min I ended up with 2.2miles of jogging distance. Right on point with what I wanted. I finished up with a cool down of 10min on the stationary bike and went for about 1.5miles. I was tired and sweaty but I felt good. I was done with my first official day of  my training schedule and I was happy. I am having less and less of a hard time getting up and training. AND I also have more of a desire to eat fruits and veggies and MILK, (who’d have thunk?!) This is a good sign and it will only get better!

Total work out time: 55min. Total distance: 4.45miles 

Tomorrow: Cross Training with the team at Arcadia High School. Muscle strengthening and toning! I’m going to be so sore on Wednesday…. Stay tuned.

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