Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration and Excitement...

Today I drove down to Culver City and met the TNT Summer teams. It really was a great time. I got to meet some of the coaches, mentors, and other teammates from the SGV team. Along with cancer survivors. It was truly inspiring to hear some of their stories, made me that much more excited to be doing this. 

Everyone seemed great and all were really excited. A bunch of people getting together to fight cancer, who wouldn’t be excited? As part of the program we heard from a cancer survivor, Kyle Garlett: 2 different types of cancer, 4 different times, chemo, remission, heart transplant, hip replacement, shoulder surgery, and a ton of other side effects from the amount of medication he received. Even with all of that, he is still running Ironman Triathlons. Truly inspiring. Makes you look at your own life and issues and forget about them. I know I did. Read more about his story here

I got my schedule for the next two months. I'll be starting to get really strict and consistent with my schedule starting on Monday. It isn't anything too bad: cross training, easy 30, more cross training, resting, and ending the week with our team runs. After our team runs on Saturdays we will be having a series of clinics that I am looking forward to. More to come on that! 

I picked up some swag today too! Got my official LLS TNT shirt today! It conveniently matches my Reeboks :) I didn't have a gym bag, so I stopped by Ross and picked one up. I'm looking pretty official now! I'll start feeling more official when the training really kicks in. 


Needless to say, I'm ready to take this on and more excited than ever! 
Go Team! 

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