Sunday, June 3, 2012

Walk/Run Ratio, 1:1...

Second team practice: check! Yesterday was our second team practice. We met at the Rose Bowl again at 7am to train. We would be placed in our Pace Groups this week and run with them. 

Last week we ran a 5k and recorded our time. TNT took that time and developed Pacing Groups, grouping us with other people who ran similar times. I was in 17min mile group. This meant that during race time, we should be running each mile somewhere between 16-18min. This was a lot slower than what I have been doing (11:30-13:30/mile). But that was just ONE mile. Would I be able to keep running like that for the entire 13miles? Doubt it. But a 17min/mile does seem more realistic. Coach Kiley mentioned that these pacing groups could change for us depending on our training in the next few weeks. I'm good with the group I'm in now, and here is why. 

The coaches had our group running a 1:1 walk/run ration. Meaning we would alternate walking for a minute and then running for a minute for the full 45minutes. For me, this was harder than it sounded. "Oh, I can run for a minute and walk for a minute, I have been running most of my 30min runs during the week". It wasn't that easy. I realized that I am more out of shape than I thought since this was so difficult for me. I was able to keep up with the group, but I was definitely the last one in the pack. 

I honestly wasn't too happy with my performance, but I also didn't let it get to me TOO much.. just a little. :) 

After the run, we had a representative from "Run With Us" come out and talk to us about shoes and gear when running. Run With Us is a running specialty store that carries a ton of different types of shoes for all kinds of runners and walkers (no, not these walkers, folks who walk marathons). From the information we received, I don't think I have the right shoes on. I bought them at FootLocker because they looked cute. Yes, guilty. Don't get me wrong, they don't hurt or anything, I just don't know if my feet are getting the full support they need. My shins hurt every now and then, and that may be because of the shoes. I don't  know, but I am for sure going to check out the shop and see what they tell me. 

Next week consists of more "Easy 30s"-running for 30min. No matter the distance, just get your shoes on and run. So I will. It's going to only get tougher from now on so, no use in skipping runs. 

Anyone up for joining me for a run? 

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