Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aqua Jogging...

I went Aqua Jogging today! "What the heck is that?" Is what you may be asking. Well aqua jogging it just what it sounds like - jogging in the water. It is meant to work out the muscles in your legs and feet without the impact of the ground. With my shins being the way they are, this was the perfect exercise for me. 

I did take the week off like I was supposed to, but I couldn't just sit out while the rest of the team met up for regular Saturday practice. Coach Kiley suggested Aqua Jogging. Since I don't know how to swim, anything with the word aqua in it makes me cringe a little. But he assured that I would be OK and that I would not drown. OK... 

So I met up with Coach Nat at 6am at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center. She is not actually one of the coaches for the Fall season but still graciously agreed to meet me to show me the ropes on aqua jogging. The rest of the team went for a 75min jog around the Rose Bowl, so I was to go for 75min in the pool. We wrapped these flotation belts around our waists and into the water we went. 80degree water at 6am feels wonderfuuuuuuuul! That made things a little easier. Coach Nat showed me proper form as we trucked along the lane. We weren't just going along like we would on the track, we were really raising and dropping our legs. It was basically an exaggerated form of how you would be running on land. It felt good and I wasn't (too) scared. It was 7feet of water and if that flotation belt came off....

But it didn't! Coach Nat stuck around with me for about 30min and made sure I was comfortable with doing it on my own. I was, really I was. So I kept on going up and down the lanes for another 45min. After a while I began to sweat - odd when you are in the water - but I could really feel my heart going and my forehead beginning to clam up. I could actually feel it working out my legs. It was nice! People have always said that swimming and working out in the water is a great low impact work out, but because I can't swim, I can't take advantage of it. So this is the next best thing. Yay! I still get to work out, strengthen my muscles, and give my shins a break. Things are looking good!

After I was done, I met up with the rest of the team and finished off practice. We had a mini potluck as we had Dr. Smith come out and assess our team. He did a few strength tests and would let you know what your weak areas were. When it came to my turn, I mentioned my shins and calves. He did the quick tests and told me a few exercises and stretches I could do to help my legs out. 

I will definitely be working on those because these shins need to stop hurting already! 

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