Saturday, June 9, 2012

60min Run...

This Saturday we went back to the Rose Bowl and were scheduled to run for 60min. I was a bit nervous since my shins had been bothering me all week. I made sure to wrap up my shins and wear my ankle brace before getting to the run. At this point, I looked like a beat up athlete - wraps, braces, etc. But I'm doing what I can to prevent further injury. PS. I really like the sound of that - Athlete. I don't think I am quite there yet, but I'll be there soon enough. 

I hit the pavement with my pace group and we went for our 60min run/walk. My calves began to cramp up again but that went away after mile 2. We went for a total of about 4miles and I wasn't as beat up as I felt the week before. The wrapping definitely helped.

I still didn't like that I was having pain when running. Yes, it was less pain than before but it was still pain. I talked to the coaches and they mentioned Casa Colina. They have a sports injury assessment clinic on Sunday's right in Pomona. So I will be going tomorrow to see what they tell me. Hopefully it isn't too bad and I can get rid of those darn shin splints soon. 

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