Saturday, June 23, 2012

5 Miles...

5 miles came and went today. I say it just like that because it felt REALLY good. I think taking two weeks off from impact running really helped my shins and legs rest a little. Aqua Jogging and the elliptical at the gym still allowed me to train and strengthen, but without the hard impact. 

I was a bit nervous because I remember how crappy I felt before when running. This would be the first time in 2 weeks that I would be attempting to run again. I wanted it to feel good and not hurt. And I didn't! :) 

I made sure to get to the Rose Bowl early to give myself enough time to warm up and stretch well. I think that was one of the main culprits for my aches - not enough stretching. I would stretch, but I don't think I was getting the deep stretches that I needed. I concentrated on my calves mostly since they begin to cramp up when I'm out there running. 

We went off with our 17min/mile pace group and began our walk/run ratio. At the 1mi mark, we looked at our watches and realized we were at a 14min/mile pace - too fast. Although we all felt good and were able to keep going, Coach Pete slowed us down to the 17min/mile pace. He wanted to make sure we felt good finishing. And we did. Had we kept the 14min mile pace, I don't think that I would have felt as strong as I did when I finished. 

I think I am finally starting to get the hand of this whole patience thing. When I first started I wanted to finish fast because I knew I could. I was wrong. My quick start out of the gates was probably one of the main causes for my shins getting injured the way they did. I am fine with slow and easy training. If I keep up this pace, I'm sure that in no time I will be moving up to the 16 and 15min/mile group. But for now, I'm good with my 17min/mile pace.

Next Saturday, 6miles. Aint no thang...  

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