Sunday, June 10, 2012

They want me to do WHAT?!...


Yeah. The sports medicine doctor and the physical therapist told me that I should take a few weeks off from running. Um.. que QUE!?

Diagnosis is that my feet are too weak and there is not enough muscle in my legs to keep up with all the running that I have been doing lately. I have been running at least 2-3 times a week for about 30min and then doing my long run at the end of the week. Well, apparently my legs haven't been liking that too much.

The folks at Casa Colina mentioned that taking some time off from running and focusing on strengthening my muscles, will help out with the pains. I completely understand and it makes total sense, but how will I be ready come marathon time? When I told them that my run was going to be at the beginning of September, they gave me a worried look - not reassuring at all. Thanks Doc. They were probably thinking the same thing I was. "If I take time off, I will have to start all over and start training from the beginning, I wont be able to keep up with the rest of the team, then I'll train too hard and re-injure myself again" OR. Maybe that is just what was going on in my crazy non stop mind. 

But if I take 3 weeks off, how was I supposed to be ready in time for my run in September? I broke down. I couldn't picture taking so much time off from training and still be able to make it across the finish line. I just couldn't... 

So I did what a worried person in training would do, I emailed my coach. I expressed my anxiety and frustration with the plan and here is what he said...

If the half marathon was tomorrow and you were 100% healthy you could finish by sheer will.  It may not be comfortable and you would probably feel pretty beat up, but you could do it. There are definitely x-training solutions.  Don't stress. You can overcome this "setback"

His message really helped calm me down. I know I could finish the race beat up and what not, but the overachiever in me wants to finish STRONG

I will be taking a week off from x-training and running, but will be back with the team on Saturday. I will take my Motrin, continue icing, and rest. Hopefully this helps come Saturday... it better. 


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  1. You go girl! I'm glad you are figuring out what your body needs to stay strong and keep going. Keep up the good work!