Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shin Splints ...

Shin splints are painful and they suuuuuuck!  :( 

During last Saturday's practice, I was having a pain in my right calf, like a tightness. I just assumed it was because I didn't stretch as well as I should have. Once we finished, I made sure to stretched it out well and the pain was gone. 

I made sure to rest on Sunday to prepare myself for the midweek runs during the week. Thinking proactively. Monday I went out for my usual run. I was doing OK and implementing the 1:1 pace ratio but about 5 minutes into the run I had to stop. The pain in my calf was so bad that I had to stop and stretch it out. I walked it off and it was fine so I started to run again. Nope! I was done. It hurt way too much that I stopped all together. By this point walking was also hurting. I got scared. "Would I be able to continue training? What kind of injury is this? How will I possibly finish the 13.1 miles if I cant finish a 30min run? Why are my feet so stupid?" 

I mildly freaked out, but Jay would tell you that I totally flipped out and shut the world out, so maybe I did.... 

I was quickly heading towards The Dark Side. Fear leading to anger. Anger leading to hate.. Keep up people!  I had genuine fear that this injury would take me out of the game completely. I had trouble sleeping that night and was hoping and wishing the pain would be gone when I woke up - it wasn't... 

I emailed my Coach and explained what happened, what I felt, and what he suggested I do. I was going to see him at x-training that day so he suggested I get there early so we could discuss the severity of it and discuss other alternatives. He said I definitely had shin splints and suggested a few exercises to do to strengthen my muscles in my legs and work out the kinks. Coaches suggested I lay off running and strenuous leg work but that it was OK to still do a little cross training but I should stop if bad pain occurs. They also suggested I get new shoes or at least get fitted for insoles to put in my shoes. I may not have enough support with the current shoes I have. He also  gave me the address of a local Clinic that does free sports injury assessment and treatment. Definitely going to that next Sunday. 

So my homework for these splints: 

No strenuous workouts
Buy new Kicks 
Visit the Dr 

Ahhh.. We'll see how this goes. I promise to try and stay calm... 

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